Mai Valentine (mai_lovely) wrote,
Mai Valentine

Tricks for me...

So, the night has been filled with absolutely nothing.

The television has done its part by making me watch it for the past 3 hours. There aren't that many channels, but when you don't normally watch the boob tube, you have a lot to fill in once you do try to watch it. Why do people want to look at celebrities so much? Half of them have got where they are through connections. Sure, it doesn't hinder you to have some money stashed away, but you've got to do something more than press a cell phone button to get your earnings. Honestly.

I've gotten quite a few trick-or-treaters showing up this evening. I've only seen a few princesses this year, instead of the usual mass of them that come to my door. I'm feeling generous tonight. The next trick-or-treaters that come to my door get two pieces of candy. It'll stop me from eating them in the end, anyway.

I hope the bar's lock is holding up well. There's not that much risk of a break-in, but I like to be sure of these things. I don't think I'd be able to handle the patrons on Halloween night. Costumes and alcohol make a nervous mixture. There's something to be said for...

Oh, a knock. Must be kids. I'll write later.
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