Mai Valentine (mai_lovely) wrote,
Mai Valentine

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nineties TV

This is what I think will end up happening.
Late-night reruns of 90s shows are a total crack-up, what with the hair and the sweaters. Watching this episode of Friends makes me think that relationships are non-negotiable. Aren't I glad that I've seen the rest of the series.
Ross. Dammit. "Just a job" is a phrase you never say to a working businesswoman.
Wine would just not work in my case. You bring wine into my work, and I'd just shrug and say, "Put it on the rack."
As much as I've been trying to get out, I'm not really wanting to. Maybe I'm in a dull spot in life. Is there anything wrong with being comfortable?
Yeah, clock, whatever. I think I'm going to eat the leftover Chinese rice and then hit the sack. I am, after all, busy.
Couscous sounds good now. Hmph. Mass media.
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