Mai Valentine (mai_lovely) wrote,
Mai Valentine

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American Idol

I decided to jump on the mass media bandwagon and watch the opening of American Idol tonight. It wasn't horrible. Seriously, some people should listen to themselves.
It's pretty cool that I know someone who went through that process. If that British guy were to talk to me like he does some of those other people, I don't think I could get away without a few choice words slipping out. But Téa is a good enough girl that she can let it slide.
I just realized that I'm too old to try out. Damn. Well, I was never much of a singer; it's not that I'm tone deaf or have a tin ear, it was just something I never fell in to.
I might have something to do next weekend. I haven't been a hermit. Getting out in groups isn't so much my style. Social isn't bad, huh?
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