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Something for myself...

I was surfing around, looking for fashions, and I come across this... thing, a journal online. Hopefully it'll save me time, rather than having to write everything down in some sort of flowery diary. At the touch of my fingers, I've logged the day...

It seems that the boys have already found me, and claim to be my "friends" in this place. I suppose I could give them a chance, seeing as it'll be interesting reading about their mundane lives. I can catch up on their mischief as well.

I've been working constantly, fixing things (well, hiring men to fix them for me), setting up the bar, checking in on paperwork, and all of that mess. Now I've got to go to the dry cleaners to pick up the vests for the bartenders. I suppose I could hire someone to do that, too...

Am I supposed to say goodbye on this live journal? Who's reading it, anyway?
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