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Seasons Greetings...

Boy, what a day. I don't think I've been so work out from one day, and that includes all the late nights at PR. It was good to see sis again. I haven't talked to her in ages, and she and that hunk of a man she's with are doing just fine. I need to e-mail her more. I recieved some nice gifts and a good amount of dough from the parents, so I can finally get a new TV cabinet instead of the junky table that it's on now. I may invest some of it in the bar as well. We need more shot glasses.

On the train, I couldn't help but think of Joey a few times. I think he'll understand that I had to go up to Connecticut for the holiday. It just slipped, that's all. He's handled not speaking to me for a while; what's one more day? And besides, all those presents just can't wrap themselves. There's nothing worse than someone not calling when they say they will. At least I got his number from Tristan, and can call tomorrow morning.
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