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~ smoke and mirrors, tip your bartender ~

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3rd December 2008

5:37pm: Now that Christmas is coming...
An Innovative Cocktail Shaker

Better make sure that flip lid stays shut.
Current Mood: okay

24th September 2008

2:26pm: Budget sommelier?
Modest Luxuries For Lean Times

An article about good wine for under $20.
Although this sentence, But I no more want to drink boring wines than eat dull food., made him sound a little pompous. Saving us from the dull in life, eh?
Current Mood: good

18th August 2008

10:03pm: Boxed Wine Op-Op-Ed
Op-Ed Contributor - Wine in a Box Protects the Environment and Saves You Money

I can understand the want for environmental protection, and the fact that people feel that getting wine from a box may save the rainforest or whatever, but its blatant unaesthetic look is what gets me. Seriously, no right-minded restaurant owner is going to put boxes of wine on a shelf, unless they want to show that they're unclassy.
So, in the end it's great and all on the common consumer level, but for us who have to make our businesses look good, a rosé in cardboard isn't going to stick.

Of course, there are easily ways to remedy this. Just put the plastic spigot of your wine box into the top of a wine bottle and get to pouring. A plain one. Don't try the bull of matching labels to wines. Just tell the customer what they're drinking and they'll be happy. Only collectors deal with bottles. Put empty bottles with labels out to show what you have, and you'll be set.
Maybe this is a practice for the Phoenix to adopt. I'll think about it. Mull it over. Ha.

As Americans drink more wine, we will be drinking it not only on special occasions like dates and weddings, but also on Monday nights with pizza.
I can only just shake my head and groan. Dammit. It's not even the upbringing, it's that it just doesn't go well. Find me a wine that goes with pizza- the pizza they're talking about: Pizza Hut, not the gourmet ones- and I'll give you a free bottle of it. Yes. Bottle.
Current Mood: contemplative

29th May 2008

10:16pm: nineties TV
This is what I think will end up happening.
Late-night reruns of 90s shows are a total crack-up, what with the hair and the sweaters. Watching this episode of Friends makes me think that relationships are non-negotiable. Aren't I glad that I've seen the rest of the series.
Ross. Dammit. "Just a job" is a phrase you never say to a working businesswoman.
Wine would just not work in my case. You bring wine into my work, and I'd just shrug and say, "Put it on the rack."
As much as I've been trying to get out, I'm not really wanting to. Maybe I'm in a dull spot in life. Is there anything wrong with being comfortable?
Yeah, clock, whatever. I think I'm going to eat the leftover Chinese rice and then hit the sack. I am, after all, busy.
Couscous sounds good now. Hmph. Mass media.
Current Mood: okay

15th January 2008

11:07pm: American Idol
I decided to jump on the mass media bandwagon and watch the opening of American Idol tonight. It wasn't horrible. Seriously, some people should listen to themselves.
It's pretty cool that I know someone who went through that process. If that British guy were to talk to me like he does some of those other people, I don't think I could get away without a few choice words slipping out. But Téa is a good enough girl that she can let it slide.
I just realized that I'm too old to try out. Damn. Well, I was never much of a singer; it's not that I'm tone deaf or have a tin ear, it was just something I never fell in to.
I might have something to do next weekend. I haven't been a hermit. Getting out in groups isn't so much my style. Social isn't bad, huh?
Current Mood: calm

17th December 2007

1:26pm: Winter is here.
I ended up calling Mom and Dad after the bout of crappy weather we've been having up here in the Northeast. They're doing fine; they've called the neighbor's plow company to clear the driveway. They have enough in the pantry to survive World War III, so I'm not worried about that, and the heating is good enough, fixed every year. I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about my parents like some people do.

I called Melody, too, and she's doing fine. She seems to care less about the weather and more about the "cute" Christmas things that she's buying, or making, or whatever. I haven't even sent out Christmas cards, and from the sound of it she has her whole house covered in lights, cranberries, and mistletoe. Jesus. I finally got a wreath on the door, and the cards bought, at least, so I'm running ahead of schedule. Maybe once I know the weather clears I'll head over to 5th.
Current Mood: cranky

14th November 2007

7:26pm: The Days Of Fall
The days are getting colder. It happens.
My briefcase is still sitting by the door from yesterday. It's rare that I don't do anything with it from day to day, but having Wednesdays off, I don't really have to look at it until later, when I'm preparing for tomorrow.
There's a lull in the air. I don't know what to do with myself sometimes, the times where I don't have obligations to get done. It's still a fairly new thing. You try to stop the gears when they've been running for so long. It doesn't work very well.
So I'm sitting here. In a city that never sleeps, that has about a million things to do, I am just sitting.
I've tried to find something to do online, but nothing catches my interest long enough, probably because the internet is built for a generation that can't sit still enough as it is. These ads are crazy enough as it is. I think I read somewhere once that editors learn not to make any segment in a commercial longer than two seconds. That's supposed to be people's attention span: two seconds. I know, a lot can happen in that time, but more often than not, nothing's going to happen.
I think I'll go find a magazine down at the corner store. Or find something to read. I don't feel like doing nothing, but the silence isn't so bad.
Current Mood: lethargic

19th July 2007

3:11am: Steam Blast Jolts Midtown
Steam Blast Jolts Midtown, Killing One

What a major dent in my plans. I was already at work by the time this happened, but there was no shortage of buzz about it this evening. It cut straight through my route home, both on the subway and the bus. I had to get some money out to take a taxi; I didn't want to bother looking up bus routes after closing. It didn't take much longer getting home, but tomorrow morning I'll have to see what connects with the 57 to get me to work. Goodnight.
Current Mood: tired

12th July 2007

1:58pm: Conventional Wisdom: Bars
Slate V at the Bar Show

I'm eyeing those magma towers.
Current Mood: impressed

7th January 2007

5:02pm: out of sheer boredom
Visit lustsign.com to learn your Lustsign!

I don't usually go browsing around web pages looking for this sort of thing, but this test made me wonder. I do absorb things, and I do know what others want. But a winning lottery ticket every time? I don't credit myself on the ability to be perfect. Sure, I've accomplished a lot, but I don't think that I should be given that much.
Perhaps I should try a personal ad. Or maybe, I should point to someone on the street and ask him out. That's about how much luck I'm getting with things.
Oh, well. I have tea and a television.
Current Mood: mellow

19th December 2006

10:15pm: DE Questions - 12/17/06
Here are my questions, everyone. ^_^ Enjoy!

1) You're walking down the street, and you happen upon a five dollar bill. How do you spend it?

2) The cricket is a symbol of good luck in the home in many Far Eastern countries. If you could pick a "good luck" item that is residing in your living space at the moment, what item would it be and what makes it lucky?

12th October 2006

2:37am: reporting
It's been a long day, but I felt like putting this in here just because it's another one of those things that affects me.

A plane hit a building today. It wasn't terrorism, anything like that, but it was pretty close to home. I wasn't there, mind you, I was uptown by then, but the fact that it hit only 20 blocks north wasn't too comforting. I didn't think that living so close to the corridor would be a bad thing. Well, it isn't a bad thing, but with all the airspace restrictions these days, it wasn't something I would normally think about. Not that I'm thinking of moving or anything, mind you...

I'm muddled. Goodnight.
Current Mood: tired

2nd July 2006

10:03pm: companion, maybe
Another lazy Sunday night. Why do I even bother closing the Phoenix? I might as well sit and help the rest of society's wanderers nurse their bottles.

I've been thinking about getting a cat. I haven't checked out any of the animal shelters, but I hear that they're pretty hard to adopt from. The apartment accepts animals, right? Even if they don't, I think that I'd be able to house a nice, clean house cat. But what is the poor thing going to do every night while I'm at work? Cats are able to stay by themselves, right? The loners of the animal kingdom... That could make me a cat, but I don't know of any felines with purple eyes.

Perhaps I should do a bit more research on this topic. I think that Tristan mentioned having a cat once...
Current Mood: lazy

12th February 2006

10:38pm: let it snow, let it snow
I called Mom today, and she said that there was twenty-one inches of snow in Hartford. Amazing.
I called everyone off for the next couple of days. I can't even walk outside of my apartment and get to the subway in a decent amount of time. We don't have too many regulars that'll be heartbroken when we're not open. Hopefully it'll clear by the weekend. I'll catch up on paperwork and orders.
Valentine's is two days away, and I'll be sitting here trapped in my own apartment alone. Maybe I should hike down to the corner store and buy myself some chocolate in a heart-shaped box. It'll make me feel better.
Current Mood: bored

26th January 2006

10:17am: That was not "dire" in the least.
Why would she call me up to Maine for such a stupid thing?

Oh, well, I suppose it'd be the pot calling the kettle black, because I would do such a thing. Sure, weddings are important, and my little sis is the world. It doesn't mean you call me from a cell phone crying that it's a "dire" emergency, and that you "might die if no one's here". Flights are expensive! I should have checked the train lines.

So I get the call, and it's her sobbing into the phone, and I pack my bags, rearrange for the bar to be closed, deter all orders, and rush off to her house. I seriously thought something had happened to Daniel. And it's about dresses. She can't pick out dresses. I can design interiors, so I can obviously help her with this. Needless to say, miffed is an underexaggeration. But I got to relax, for the most part, for a couple days, and see Melody again.

I called his phone, but there wasn't an answer. I wish Tristan would've given me his cell phone number. I wonder how he's taking it. I... he... God dammit.
Current Mood: getting ready for a rush

25th December 2005

11:09am: Seasons Greetings...
Boy, what a day. I don't think I've been so work out from one day, and that includes all the late nights at PR. It was good to see sis again. I haven't talked to her in ages, and she and that hunk of a man she's with are doing just fine. I need to e-mail her more. I recieved some nice gifts and a good amount of dough from the parents, so I can finally get a new TV cabinet instead of the junky table that it's on now. I may invest some of it in the bar as well. We need more shot glasses.

On the train, I couldn't help but think of Joey a few times. I think he'll understand that I had to go up to Connecticut for the holiday. It just slipped, that's all. He's handled not speaking to me for a while; what's one more day? And besides, all those presents just can't wrap themselves. There's nothing worse than someone not calling when they say they will. At least I got his number from Tristan, and can call tomorrow morning.
Current Mood: tired

31st October 2005

8:42pm: Tricks for me...
So, the night has been filled with absolutely nothing.

The television has done its part by making me watch it for the past 3 hours. There aren't that many channels, but when you don't normally watch the boob tube, you have a lot to fill in once you do try to watch it. Why do people want to look at celebrities so much? Half of them have got where they are through connections. Sure, it doesn't hinder you to have some money stashed away, but you've got to do something more than press a cell phone button to get your earnings. Honestly.

I've gotten quite a few trick-or-treaters showing up this evening. I've only seen a few princesses this year, instead of the usual mass of them that come to my door. I'm feeling generous tonight. The next trick-or-treaters that come to my door get two pieces of candy. It'll stop me from eating them in the end, anyway.

I hope the bar's lock is holding up well. There's not that much risk of a break-in, but I like to be sure of these things. I don't think I'd be able to handle the patrons on Halloween night. Costumes and alcohol make a nervous mixture. There's something to be said for...

Oh, a knock. Must be kids. I'll write later.

7th September 2005

9:43am: This is the backstory of a girl...: Mai's Profile
[[OOC: Will be updated with favorties, etc, as time allows, and also as major events occur in the story.]]

Mai Valentine was born 08.06.1978 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Read more...Collapse )

2nd September 2005

1:33pm: Something for myself...
I was surfing around, looking for fashions, and I come across this... thing, a journal online. Hopefully it'll save me time, rather than having to write everything down in some sort of flowery diary. At the touch of my fingers, I've logged the day...

It seems that the boys have already found me, and claim to be my "friends" in this place. I suppose I could give them a chance, seeing as it'll be interesting reading about their mundane lives. I can catch up on their mischief as well.

I've been working constantly, fixing things (well, hiring men to fix them for me), setting up the bar, checking in on paperwork, and all of that mess. Now I've got to go to the dry cleaners to pick up the vests for the bartenders. I suppose I could hire someone to do that, too...

Am I supposed to say goodbye on this live journal? Who's reading it, anyway?
Current Mood: cats don't sit at keyboards...
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