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This is the backstory of a girl...: Mai's Profile

[[OOC: Will be updated with favorties, etc, as time allows, and also as major events occur in the story.]]

Mai Valentine was born 08.06.1978 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Her parents are Patrick and Judith Valentine, both raised in New England. She has one sibling, a younger sister. Melody Valentine, 24, is currently living in Maine with her fiancee. Growing up, Mai was the outspoken one, while her sister, although quiet, grew up beside her. They would fight occasionally, as Melody was distracted by Mai's outgoing ways, but ultimately she looked up to Mai, and still holds her in friendship. As a child, her upper-middle class life allowed her to live comfortably, but as she grew older, she started working odd jobs to establish her own sense of responsibility.

She went through elementary school at St. Thomas' Day School, and continued her education in seventh grade at Hopkins School, where she remained until graduation. Mai's grades were always above average, and her sense of academic competition allowed her to be a top student in her class. Her parents encouraged her to attended Yale University to stay close to home, but Mai felt that she wanted to see more. She ultimately decided that her best choice was to move to New York City for college.

Mai attended New York University as a Journalism major, specializing in Business and Economic Journalism. She graduated with honors. After college she began working at a small business magazine in the city, but she was shocked by the lack of respect and corruption both in her workplace and in the stories she investigated. Meanwhile, to earn money, she began a series of odd jobs, settling finally at a small club hostessing at night. After spending most of her free time there, Mai decided that she wanted to operate an establishment of her own. She began classes at NYU Stern Business School, and earned a part-time MBA in Business.
Mai currently lives in Midtown East in a one bedroom apartment. Her address is 411 East 57th St, Apt 9A.

Phoenix Rising, Mai's club in the heart of Greenwich Village, is located at 59 5th Ave, New York, NY. The decor can be seen as classy bohemian, with cherry finishes and an abundance of red. There are boothes and tables in addition to the bar. A small black stage with a piano can be found for live entertainment and karaoke. The place never gets filled to capacity, but the patrons that come are regulars. Mai's parents helped her to start the bar, but she has paid most of the loan money back, as well as her student loans.

Currently she has 4 people employed at the bar along with herself, one of them being tristan_taylor_, who is starting out just as she had. She had become aquainted with one of his friends, joey_wheeler, who has visited on occasion.
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