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Boxed Wine Op-Op-Ed

Op-Ed Contributor - Wine in a Box Protects the Environment and Saves You Money

I can understand the want for environmental protection, and the fact that people feel that getting wine from a box may save the rainforest or whatever, but its blatant unaesthetic look is what gets me. Seriously, no right-minded restaurant owner is going to put boxes of wine on a shelf, unless they want to show that they're unclassy.
So, in the end it's great and all on the common consumer level, but for us who have to make our businesses look good, a rosé in cardboard isn't going to stick.

Of course, there are easily ways to remedy this. Just put the plastic spigot of your wine box into the top of a wine bottle and get to pouring. A plain one. Don't try the bull of matching labels to wines. Just tell the customer what they're drinking and they'll be happy. Only collectors deal with bottles. Put empty bottles with labels out to show what you have, and you'll be set.
Maybe this is a practice for the Phoenix to adopt. I'll think about it. Mull it over. Ha.

As Americans drink more wine, we will be drinking it not only on special occasions like dates and weddings, but also on Monday nights with pizza.
I can only just shake my head and groan. Dammit. It's not even the upbringing, it's that it just doesn't go well. Find me a wine that goes with pizza- the pizza they're talking about: Pizza Hut, not the gourmet ones- and I'll give you a free bottle of it. Yes. Bottle.
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