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Winter is here.

I ended up calling Mom and Dad after the bout of crappy weather we've been having up here in the Northeast. They're doing fine; they've called the neighbor's plow company to clear the driveway. They have enough in the pantry to survive World War III, so I'm not worried about that, and the heating is good enough, fixed every year. I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about my parents like some people do.

I called Melody, too, and she's doing fine. She seems to care less about the weather and more about the "cute" Christmas things that she's buying, or making, or whatever. I haven't even sent out Christmas cards, and from the sound of it she has her whole house covered in lights, cranberries, and mistletoe. Jesus. I finally got a wreath on the door, and the cards bought, at least, so I'm running ahead of schedule. Maybe once I know the weather clears I'll head over to 5th.
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