Mai Valentine (mai_lovely) wrote,
Mai Valentine

The Days Of Fall

The days are getting colder. It happens.
My briefcase is still sitting by the door from yesterday. It's rare that I don't do anything with it from day to day, but having Wednesdays off, I don't really have to look at it until later, when I'm preparing for tomorrow.
There's a lull in the air. I don't know what to do with myself sometimes, the times where I don't have obligations to get done. It's still a fairly new thing. You try to stop the gears when they've been running for so long. It doesn't work very well.
So I'm sitting here. In a city that never sleeps, that has about a million things to do, I am just sitting.
I've tried to find something to do online, but nothing catches my interest long enough, probably because the internet is built for a generation that can't sit still enough as it is. These ads are crazy enough as it is. I think I read somewhere once that editors learn not to make any segment in a commercial longer than two seconds. That's supposed to be people's attention span: two seconds. I know, a lot can happen in that time, but more often than not, nothing's going to happen.
I think I'll go find a magazine down at the corner store. Or find something to read. I don't feel like doing nothing, but the silence isn't so bad.
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