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That was not "dire" in the least.

Why would she call me up to Maine for such a stupid thing?

Oh, well, I suppose it'd be the pot calling the kettle black, because I would do such a thing. Sure, weddings are important, and my little sis is the world. It doesn't mean you call me from a cell phone crying that it's a "dire" emergency, and that you "might die if no one's here". Flights are expensive! I should have checked the train lines.

So I get the call, and it's her sobbing into the phone, and I pack my bags, rearrange for the bar to be closed, deter all orders, and rush off to her house. I seriously thought something had happened to Daniel. And it's about dresses. She can't pick out dresses. I can design interiors, so I can obviously help her with this. Needless to say, miffed is an underexaggeration. But I got to relax, for the most part, for a couple days, and see Melody again.

I called his phone, but there wasn't an answer. I wish Tristan would've given me his cell phone number. I wonder how he's taking it. I... he... God dammit.
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